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Friday, 15 May 2015

My Running Playlist

With the beautiful weather that has now started gracing the South Coast on a regular basis, I’m really getting back into running. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little bit of a fair-weather jogger but, with summer just around the corner, and a graduation to dress for (eek!) I figured that now would be a great time to start getting back in shape. Dissertation writing and university living don’t really support as healthy a lifestyle as I would like, but now that my last lecture is in sight (just two lectures left), I’m ready to fully embrace a healthier lifestyle, even though this will mean fighting my two biggest temptations – chocolate and cheese! To fully motivate myself, I’ve been revamping my iPod a little bit, downloading some new tracks and revisiting some old favourites that get me in the mood for pounding the streets, and I thought you might be interested in what I listen while attempting to get fitter.

1. Let It Go, Demi Lovato – I’m a massive Lovatic, so anything by Demi will automatically make its way to my iPod as soon as possible. I’m also a massive fan of Frozen, so this track is the ultimate combination of some of my favourite things. This is a great running track, with both fast parts and slower bits (perfect for when I get out of breath haha), and the lyrics themselves are quite motivational. I love to run around, pretending I’m Elsa, fully embracing who I am, and running away from Arendale. I really am a big kid.

2. Style, Taylor Swift – A slightly different song from TSwift, in my opinion, but man is it catchy? For a slightly out-of-shape runner like myself, this is the perfect speed for me to get going with, to get my heartrate going, with the chorus providing me with the chance to try running a little faster. Plus, I sometimes have that “red lip, classic thing”, so it’s basically a song about me, right?

3. Shake It Off, Taylor Swift – Now I can’t listen to this song without wanting to jump up and have a bit of a boogie, so to me, it seemed like the perfect track to run to. It’s got that upbeat tempo that is essential to a running track, encouraging you to move faster. Perfect.

4. All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor – While the interpretations of this song can be a little negative, I think it is quite a good motivational running track. Encouraging you to embrace what you have in some ways makes me a little less embarrassed to be out running in public (because obviously, I have a little bit of excess padding in all the wrong places, otherwise I wouldn’t be running haha). Once again, it has that upbeat tempo, and makes you feel all sassy – which seems to come out in my running!

5. Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding – My favourite song of the moment, this is another track that builds up to faster parts, while some parts allow me to catch my breath. It has that power ballad feel to it, that I can’t help but belt out in my head. And picturing Jamie Dornan definitely helps – maybe if I run fast enough, Christian Grey will be waiting for me at the end.

So they’re some of my favourite running tracks. I hope this has been interesting, and has possible given you some ideas of some different tracks to download to run to yourself. And what do you listen to? Is there anything you think would be good for me to listen to? And with that, I think I'll go out, enjoy this beautiful weather, and

Until next time…


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