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Monday, 28 September 2015

University Thoughts

This weekend saw all the new Freshers move to the University of Surrey, and it got me feeling nostalgic. With my degree coming to an end this June, this was the first September in three years that I hadn’t packed up the car and shot down the A3 to Guildford. Although university wasn’t my favourite time, there were a lot of benefits and positives to the past three years, and I thought I’d share of these today.
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1. Once I got used to the idea of being away from home, and my feelings of abandonment had subsided, I relished the independence I had. I had my own space, and could do almost anything I wanted whenever I wanted. If I wanted to stay up till 1am watching Pretty Little Liars again from Season 1, I could (I just might pay for it the next day). If I wanted to eat Spaghetti Bolognese every day for a week, I could. If I wanted to go shopping every day after lectures, I could – and often did, unfortunately for my bank balance. I learnt to do things for myself, and that has majorly impacted the person I am today. I’m a lot more confident doing things by myself, and I have no qualms about trying something new. Sure I still get a little nervous, but I can suck it up and get on with it because I know I can.
Photo credit Hollywood Reporter
Photo credit Hollywood Reporter
I ate a lot of pasta throughout my degree!
I ate a lot of pasta throughout my degree!
2. Having my own space was something I loved, again once I got over my homesickness. I’ve never had a problem with spending time alone, and having a room where I could just shut the door and ignore the world was great, especially once the stress of my dissertation hit. I learnt to really appreciate the opportunity to recharge my batteries with a bit of chill time, and it’ll definitely help when I get a little stressed in the future. Sometimes, some quality time with yourself is all you need.
I had some beautiful views from my rooms over the years
I had some beautiful views from my rooms over the years
I had some beautiful views from my rooms
I had some beautiful views from my rooms over the years
3. I’ve always loved reading, and English has been my favourite subject since I can remember, so the opportunity to study English Literature was exactly what I could have wanted. I was introduced to authors and genres of books that I would never have thought that I would enjoy, and my reading speed has increased immensely. I know that my degree has now broadened my literary horizons, and I’ll read so much more in my lifetime because of it. How geeky does that make me sound?
4. University not only gave me some new friends and strengthened some of my existing friendships. Being separated from my best friend was difficult, but we made sure that when we saw each other, we made the most of it. And now, as our lives get busier, we know our friendship is strong enough to withstand not seeing each other for weeks at a time. Some of the friends I made at uni will be lifelong friends, I’m sure. But my time at uni also helped me understand that I can’t be friends with everyone and I’m comfortable with that.
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5. I initially created my blog while I was at university. It was being away from home that got me into watching YouTube videos and reading people’s blogs and I thought that I’d like to give it a go. Admittedly, I didn’t fully get into it until the end of my degree, but I don’t think I would have contemplated starting a blog if it hadn’t been for my time at uni. So in some ways, there's the distinct possibility that if I hadn't gone to uni, I wouldn't have started LifeLoveLexie, and then where would we be?
L-R: Jess, me, AnnaSam
L-R: Brogan, Jess, Anna, me Photo credit Brogan
L-R: BroganJessAnna, me
Photo credit Brogan
So, while my time at university definitely had its low points, it definitely had its positives as well. My advice to any new Freshers who aren’t loving uni? Hang in there! It’ll get better, and trust me, once you’ve finished you’ll miss it a bit!
What were the positives from your time at uni? Do you have any advice for the new intake of Freshers?
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