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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

Last week saw the launch of Clinique’s latest skincare offering – the Pep-Start Eye Cream. To celebrate, the lovely ladies at Clinique in Boots Southampton invited the Southampton Bloggers into store to have a sneaky peek.
Despite attending a similar Clinique event in the past, I’ve never really tried any of their skincare. But then, knowing me and my lack of skincare routine at the moment, is that really a surprise? I can’t really say I’ve tried much skincare at all. If you’ve read my Feeling 22 post, you’ll know I’m trying my hardest to get some kind of skincare routine in place, so I was excited to pop in and hear about the newest addition to Clinique’s collection.
Photo credit CharlottesLife93
Immediately, I was met by the bright orange packaging of the new eye cream. It’s such a summery colour that it instantly catches your eye, and you realise just how different it looks from the rest of Clinique’s packaging. Designed to try and get younger beauty users interested in skincare, I think this is right up my street. The packaging is so eye catching, and I love the look of the round applicator – it really adds to the application process.
Clinique claim Pep-Start eye cream will hydrate, brighten, and generally perk you up. Who doesn’t want to have hydrated, brightened, perked up eyes? I certainly do. Kept in the fridge, I bet this will be really soothing – so far I haven’t tried it cool, but eye creams always feel better cold right? Pep-Start goes on really smoothly, and is almost gel-like, compared to the thick creams I’ve tried in the past. It soaks in quickly, not leaving any stickiness, allowing you to get on with the rest of your skincare and makeup. Talking of makeup, this eye cream makes a great base for makeup. The way it smooths the skin makes the application of makeup so easy.
Photo credit BrightEyeBlog
I’m really impressed with Pep-Start so far, I’m excited to see how it goes using this a bit more regularly. Who knows, we might have found step one in my skincare routine? To celebrate the release of Pep-Start Eye Cream, Clinique have launched the #ImIn campaign. The idea behind this new campaign is that with the Pep-Start Eye Cream in your skincare routine, you’ll be ready for any new challenges that might come your way. I love this idea, and I know from experience that if my skin looks and feels good, I feel good. I’m sure I’ll be adding Pep-Start to my skincare routine, will you?
Pep-Start Eye Cream is available from Clinique for £22.
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