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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

#Blogival - The Anti-Ageing Food & Fitness Plan

As my final post as part of the Clink Street Summer Blogival, I'm sharing a little Question and Answer session with Rick Hay, the author of The Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan. Offering the opportunity to "tune up, tone up and rev up with an inspired but easy-to-follow twelve-week healthy eating plan that unlocks the remarkable power of superfoods, and high-intensity exercises, for all fitness levels." Now I'm intrigued by the opportunity to improve my physical well-being, and want to learn more, so I jumped at the opportunity to pick the author's brains.

What would be your top tip for someone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
Eat foods that are as close to nature as you can most of the time but also don't demonise food - if you want a treat have it. Think coloured foods and also move daily. Supplement with antioxidant rich superfood powders like beetroot, acai, turmeric etc Relax and try not to stress out too much - do what makes you happy.

Do you think one is more beneficial than the other - food or fitness?
I think they are both equally as important - your body was disigned for unprocessed food and it was designed to move. You can't argue with design or physiology!

What are your anti-ageing superfoods?
Anything that stains the fingers red, blue or purple! Beetroot, blueberries, blackerries, raspberries, kakadu plum, resveratrol or yellow - turmeric or green - spirulina, chlorella or wheat grass. Algal oil too especially for the brain and I love herbs like Olive Leaf extact as it is anti microbial, antiviral and antibacterial.

When do you think people should start worrying about ageing?
From birth! We should ensure children have an understanding of how to protect the body through food and natural medicine. It should be an understanding though not an obsession!

I particularly struggle with my skin. Is it possible to target a specific area with eating and fitness? 
You can treat each of the body's systems with food and natural medicine. If you have skin probles you need to treat the liver and the gut. Think vegetable digestive enzymes, probiotics and swedish bitters for the liver. Contact me if you want and I can help you more @nutritionalphys.

Adopting a new healthy lifestyle can be difficult, what would be your advice to a newbie?
Start gently don't change everything at once but do start. Get your digestion in order as that is the key along with controlling stress levels. think just introducing more coloured foods into the diet is a good easy first step. Read my book - it's easy and has three four week stages of both food and fitness!

I struggled to keep healthy while I was away at university. Do you have any tips for students?
Don't study or party too hard! Make sure that you allow some time out for rest and contemplation - your mind needs to breathe. Have one fresh meal per day. Exercise daily too but this does not have to be too strenuous. Think about having a colourful smoothie every day too and take some brain supplements like algal oil or fish oil and a good wholefood multivitamin multi mineral. I love the herb Bacopa to help with cognitive function.
Banana Berry Smoothie
The Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan is not purely about nutrient density, losing weight and getting ripped; it's a sustainable philosophy which allows readers to revitalise their minds and bodies, with a food and fitness plan designed to maximise health and well-being. This accessible and effective programme helps to demystify the superfood arena, enabling us to eat and live well by making every delicious and nutritious mouthful count.

The Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan by Rick Hay is published by Clink Street Publishing, and can be purchased from Amazon here.

Love Lexie,

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