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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#Blogival - How to be a Yogi

As this week's #Blogival instalment, I have been lucky enough to share a guest post by Vimla Lalvani, author of Real Yoga: A Pure and Simple Journey. I've always been interested in yoga and have wanted to learn more about it, so to have the opportunity to hear something from the author themselves on the subject was something I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do.

How to be a London Yogi
Yoga has exploded around the world.  Everywhere you turn you can find Yoga on your doorstep. Every gym and health club offers some sort of Yoga but amidst all this great choice comes a lot of confusion.  Where do I go?  What style is best for me?

Where can I find the best teacher?  Can I learn from a book?  Finding peace and harmony in a city is always more difficult and challenging but can be achieved.

Why Yoga?  In the hectic world we live in, we cannot stop the stress and strain, but we can certainly learn to switch off and find inner peace. The natural state of man is to be in balance with one’s environment so the constant noise and pollution of a big city leads to mental and physical imbalances that can lead to stress related illness.

Yoga is a preventive method to stay healthy and happy.Yoga boosts your energy, relieves stress, calms your mind, and sharpens your focus. The best bonus is that you sleep like a baby.

Here are my 5 tips to becoming a Yogi the REAL WAY.

1. Yoga is a discipline
To have any results and reap the benefits of Yoga you need to practice on a
regular basis.  Choose a place near your home or office to avoid excuses of not attending.  There are plenty of studios and good teachers so try a few different classes and select one.  Then stick to it!  I particularly like Triyoga because of its commitment to the quality of its instructors and the variety of its classes.

2. Yoga is understanding You
Realize that before you embark on this new Journey you need to understand yourself better.  Try to improve yourself by finding and reading books on Yoga and personal growth.  All good bookshops like Amazon and Waterstone’s have a huge variety so browse until you find one you identify with and then really read it.

3. Yoga is Finding Balance 
Try to think how you can improve and achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle.  Yoga is not about abstinence but learning the art of moderation. So many options are available now in London.  Instead of grabbing a soggy sandwich, think green (salads) color (fruit and veg) pure (water). Understanding the importance of good nutrition and how it boosts your energy and immune system is vital.  No more cravings and yo-yo diets.

4. Yoga is Learning to Meditate
Londoners are very lucky to have beautiful parks in the middle of such a bustling city.  Go for long walks and try to declutter your mind from useless thoughts.  Sit quietly and focus on one thought to train your brain. My favorite is Hampstead Heath but we are so lucky to have Regents Park, Hyde Park and Green Park.  Concentrate on the breath.  As you inhale and exhale deeply and slowly through the diaphragm, the mind begins to slow down automatically.  You don’t need to even believe in it, it just happens naturally.

5. Yoga is Higher Consciousness
Realize that we are all One and part of the same universe.  Understand the beauty of nature and respect all living things.  Seek places of worship and spread the concept of love all around you.    Turn your home into a shrine.
Light candles, play mood music, and follow the breath in stillness. Your entire life will open up to find abundance and happiness.  Remember, the universe is on your side and wants you to find your soul’s purpose and succeed.

Real Yoga; Pure and Simple by Vimla Lalvani (published Clink Street Publishing 1st February 2016) will be available to order from online retailers and to order from all good bookstores. For more information please visit or follow @vimyoga.

I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly did!

Love Lexie

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