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Monday, 8 August 2016

ghd Electric Pink

August 1st saw the launch of ghd's Electric Pink Collection in support of Breast Cancer research, and to celebrate I was invited along to my local ghd counter in John Lewis Southampton to meet with Kara and Katelin for a session about all things hair.

Now you might have noticed, but I'm not really a hair person. I can't help it, I think I'm just too lazy with it, and will always choose to spend those extra ten minutes on a winged eyeliner than sit there with my hairbrush and styling tools. But now that I'm not getting up at 5am and have more time in the mornings (theoretically), and as my hair is finally growing, I think now would be the prime opportunity to play around with hairstyling a bit more, so I jumped at the opportunity to hang out with the ghd girls.

I was welcomed by the girls' bright and bubbly personalities and was made to feel so welcome. I took a seat, and Kara got started, asking what I'd like to have done. As relatively a newcomer to the world of hairstyling, I asked to have my hair straightened. I seem to manage to straighten a kink into my hair, like ironing creases into a shirt - how?! I better master the basics first right?

Using the Electric Pink Platinum Styler, Kara did a really good job on my hair, sectioning it off into smaller sections, the first tip I picked up! It made it so much easier to handle, and surprisingly it didn't take as long as I thought it would. She managed to get it super sleek and straight - KarJenner girls eat your heart out. No kinks, no lines throughout my head, definitely not like how it looks when I do it. I was so pleased with it!

On leaving, the girls were kind enough to give me a little bag of goodies. Kara and Katelin clearly know the way to my heart, with a little bottle of rosé being the first thing pulled out of the bag. I'll enjoy that while attempting to recreate Kara's masterpiece. I was also lucky enough to be gifted a bottle of ghd Heat Protection Spray and ghd clips, both of which Kara used on my hair. I'm going to use the clips every time I do my hair, I'm sure they'll make it much easier to do. The Heat Protection Spray smells delicious, and when Kara did my hair, I couldn't stop smelling my hair. So good. I also was lucky enough to be gifted some perfume samples - all perfumes I've never tried before, so I look forward to giving them all a whiff.

Thank you so much to Kara and Katelin for letting me pop in and get my hair done. It was a lovely experience and so nice to meet you both. I would thoroughly recommend popping in and seeing the girls if you're ever at John Lewis Southampton - I know I'll definitely be back!

What's your favourite ghd styler? Any tips for me?

Love Lexie

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