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Friday, 16 September 2016

SotonBloggers Freakshakes Event

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll have probably seen that at the beginning of September, I met up with a group of the SotonBloggers at Orange Rooms, for an afternoon of chatting, selfies and delicious Freakshakes, and I'm sharing the experience here today.

So on September 3rd, I headed over to Orange Rooms, to meet up with a group of twenty bloggers over lunchtime to try the latest sweet treat on offer. After grabbing a drink, and saying hello to faces old and new, we settled down and awaited the arrival of our Freakshakes.

Playing with the SotonBloggers selfie props with the lovely Anna *
More selfie prop fun with Anna and Charlotte *
What is a Freakshake, I hear you ask? Well, imagine a delicious, thick milkshake, in either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavour, but with an added cake treat, and you might have a rough idea. Now when Alice sent round emails asking for flavour choices, my heart was set - the Strawberry Big Scary Tart, a strawberry milkshake topped with strawberry jam tarts. I'm a big fan of anything strawberry flavoured, and I figured that it might be the least sickly of the three flavours. It was delicious! At knocking 2000 calories each, these certainly aren't for the faint hearted, but tasty nonetheless. The other options looked equally delicious - Choc Mud Monster (chocolate and muffin), and Vanilla Thriller (Vanilla and Doughnut).

Once we'd fought our way to the bottom of our milkshakes, and we'd recovered a bit from our sugar comas, we did the typical blogger thing - selfies! Is it really a SotonBlogger meet up if we don't come away with a camera roll full of pictures. My firm favourite from the day was our Made In Chelsea style group shot - a SotonBloggers reality show anyone?

Always lovely catching up with these girls
L-R: Rachel, Charlotte, Anna, Alice, me, Tanya*
Lovely to see Anna and Brogan
On the next series of SotonBloggers... *
It was a really lovely afternoon, full of sugary treats and plenty of gossip - a guaranteed fun time!

Photos marked with * were taken by Charlotte, Anna, Alice and Rachel.

Love Lexie

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