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Saturday, 6 January 2018

18 Goals for 2018

First off, Happy New Year!

I can't believe we've entered 2018 already - feels like 2017 passed in the blink of an eye! Now, I'm not usually one to make resolutions (I'm rubbish at keeping them), but this year, I thought I'd have a go at setting myself some goals for the year. I'm making no promises that I will stick to all of them, but I figured they'd at least be a good guideline. So without any further ado, here are my 18 goals for 2018!

1. Pass my driving test
Okay, so this one is slightly a cheat because woohoo, I passed!! I sat my driving test on 3rd January and passed first time. I was so nervous, but I'm so pleased that I now have that freedom and independence to bomb myself around Southampton.

2. Travel abroad solo or with friends
Oops, another slight cheat - I've actually got a week-long trip to Tenerife booked with my sister for a little bit of sun, sea and relaxation at Easter. Neither of us have been on holiday without our parents before, so we thought a little sister trip would be ideal. I know I can't wait! I'd love to travel a bit more this year, if funds allow - maybe some more sunshine or even a quick city break.

Cant wait to stay here again.
3. Blog more regularly
There had to be a blog goal, right? Now, I'll be the first to admit that LifeLoveLexie took a little bit of a backseat to my teacher training and new job. But now I'm feeling a bit more settled, and I'm hoping to make 2018 the year I get organised, I'd love to get back into it. I've got some fun ideas stored away and hopefully they can come to fruition. I'm hoping to come to some sort of schedule, but I won't commit just yet.

4. Read two books a month
If you've followed me on Goodreads for a while, you know I like to read - a lot! But, like with blogging, I just fell out of the habit of it last year because of work stuff. 2018, however, is going to be the year I get that work/life balance. I'm thinking a bit of reading before bed every night should help me increase the number of books I read... hopefully.

5. Be a UK tourist
It's easy to forget how much the country you live in has to offer. But I saw so many bloggers and Instagrammers, as well as friends, visit a variety of places in the UK last year, and I want to join in on the fun. I'm not really sure where I'd want to head, but anywhere with a bit of history or some fab views is ideal. Bath, Brighton, London... even Liverpool and Edinburgh are contenders.

6. Say yes - but learn when to say no
I know what you're thinking - Lexie, that makes no sense. So let me explain. I'm not great at saying yes to new experiences and opportunities, even though they might be really fantastic. I guess you could say I get very stuck in my comfort zone. However, I do have a tendency to take on too much at times, meaning I get bogged down by too much and end up feeling overwhelmed, rather than that sense of achievement. So it's all about balance - say yes, and no!

7. Improve my fitness levels
Now this could come under the cliché New Year New Me heading - I want to join a good gym, stick to a healthy, balanced diet and generally just get into a better physical state. I mean apart from anything else, my classroom is on the top storey of the building, and walking up and down the stairs all day is a total killer. So if for no other reason than to stop me from being out of breath in front of the class, it's time to get in shape.

8. Attend a gym class a week
And as part of my seventh goal, I would like to attend a gym class at least once a week. Typically when I go to the gym, I sort of faff around on a few machines, pretending to know what I'm doing. It raises my heart rate, I get a... healthy glow, and I feel like I've done the gym thing. But I'm now thinking that I should try a few classes, where professionals can tell me where I'm going wrong. I'm open to trying anything - so throw your gym class recommendations my way.

9. Complete a fundraising race
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have noticed me mentioning that I had a random urge to attempt the Southampton 10k, a Race for Life Pretty Muddy and an Alzheimer's Society Memory Walk. Don't ask me where the urge came from, it was a random thought when I was about to go to sleep. And it's sort of stuck around. Now, I'll need to improve my fitness levels for those activities - let's see if I complete any!

10. Attend more blog events
2016 sticks out to me as a really good year for blog events - I attended a few big ones. I did lots of local ones last year, which are so so good, but I'd love to branch out a little more again. Some blog events further afield would be fun. I'll have to keep my eye out - if you know of any, let me know!

11. Spend time creating memories with friends
I'm lucky enough to have a group of friends who I meet up with for coffee or a spot of lunch with relatively regularly - well for me anyway. But this year, I'd like a few more experiences with friends, things I can look back on and remember really fondly come the end of the year. I'm thinking maybe another festival, some day trips... and of course, lots of photographic evidence.

Charlotte, Tanya, Alice, me and Rachel at Alice's Baby Shower
Grace, Anna and I - more nights with these beauties please
12. Take a solo trip to the cinema, an art gallery or a museum
Last year, I took myself for my first ever solo trip to the cinema... and I surprised myself with how much I absolutely loved it! Since then, I've had a few more self dates as I like to call them, and I'd love to bring them into 2018. They're great for my self-care, meaning I have to take some time out to just enjoy my own company. I'd love to visit more art galleries and museums this year - the Jane Austen tour from Winchester Cathedral is top of my list.

13. Have a spa day
I have never, ever been to the spa. And I feel that at very nearly 24, that's just not on. I hear rave reviews from people who have experienced the joys of a spa day and I think it's about time I joined their ranks. The thought of just taking time out to completely relax sounds amazing, albeit totally alien! Maybe a birthday treat?

14. Save money
This is a biggie! Now I'm a proper grown-up, with a proper grown-up job, I feel like I need to save a proper grown-up amount. I'm not putting a figure on it, but with hopes to move into my own place in the not too distant future, I'm going to need a little money bundle. Plus, I can't keep spending haha!

15. See my bestie... regularly
You know the drill by now, I love spending time with my girl, but my bestie Ash and I are busy 21st Century women - HA! In all seriousness, we've both entered careers that aren't great for coinciding free time. But this year, I want to make a real effort. We went for a while last year where reunions were few and far between - and we can't be having that!

16. Visit Harriet in Cardiff
Ahh Hattie - this girl has become one of my besties over our shared love of all things beauty - and Ash. We've become quite the three amigos. The only spanner in the works, is that she's so far away! This year, I'd love to get up to Cardiff with Ash so we can spend some quality time with our girl Hats!

17. See more shows
I was lucky enough to attend a number of shows at the Mayflower Theatre last year. I love the theatre but never really had much chance to go. 2018 is the year to change that! I'd love to see the ballet again this year, and I'm sure there'll be a few shows that will pop up and take my fancy throughout the year.

Rachel, Anna, Grace, me, Brogan and Emily saw Billy Elliot
I saw The Addams Family along with Jo, Rebecca, Rachel, Grace, Anna, Tanya and Emma
18. Get a facial
I've always struggled with my skin and don't really know where to start with trying to fix it. My sister has been telling me time and time again to go and get a facial, and some professional skincare advice. I'm slowly starting to realise that quite a few of my friends go for fairly regular facials, so I must be missing a trick somewhere - a facial is on the to-do list!

So that's my list of goals for the coming year. Looking at it, it's quite a list, and I know I probably won't achieve them all. But I'm going to give it a good go!

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

Love Lexie

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  1. We definitely need to have a road trip now you’ve passed your test! Congrats again lovely xx




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