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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Living The Life of Kylie | Kylie Cosmetics Collection

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are everywhere, and they're not everyone's cup of tea. I'll be honest - I'm a big fan, trying my best to Keep Up... as much as I can. And the one family member who seems to be making a real name for herself is Kylie Jenner. When the 21-year-old reality star launched her cosmetics range, I was hooked - I knew there was nothing for me to do but to get online and order some products as soon as I could. Fast forward to now, and I seem to have amassed a little collection of Kylie Cosmetics.

I'm sure we all know that Kylie Cosmetics started with the Matte lip kits. I started off trying just one, Koko K, and I fell in love. It was a matte liquid lipstick, that lasts well on the lips but isn't uncomfortable. I opted for a nude lip kit first so I could get maximum wear out of it, and I fell in love pretty much instantly, and I still love it now. Once I'd dipped my toe into the world of Kylie Cosmetics, I knew I'd started a new addiction. My next purchases were the Posie K lip kit and the matching Posie K gloss. This is probably my favourite colour, a rosy lip colour that is perfect for everyday wear. With both the matte lip kit and the gloss, I can wear my favourite colour regardless of the finish I want. Once I'd tried the lighter shades, I thought I'd give a darker lip kit a try, and picked up Spice. There was a bit of bad press about the darker lip kits being slightly patchy, but with the right application you can definitely get round that. I mean, we buy a lip kit that includes a lip liner for a reason. I find that if I apply the lip liner all over my lip, and then a couple of thin layers of the liquid lipstick, and we're all good. My latest purchases were the Mary Jo K Matte lip kit, and the Strawberry Cream Velvet lip kit - these are quite possibly my favourite colours yet! They're beautiful colours, with really good pigmentation. Yes, the Velvet lip kit doesn't quite have the lasting power of the mattes, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

L - R: Mary Jo K (matte), Spice (matte), Posie K (matte & gloss), Strawberry Cream (velvet), Koko K (matte)
L - R: Mary Jo K (matte), Spice (matte), Posie K (matte & gloss), Strawberry Cream (velvet), Koko K (matte)
Besides my ever-growing lip product collection, I have also dipped my toe into the eyeshadow palettes - in particular, the Burgundy Palette, which was a Christmas gift from my sister. Now, these are not colours I would typically go for, but she's encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone every now and then. These shadows are gorgeous, absolutely stunning colours, and so blendable. Even for a novice like me, it's not a palette to be scared of trying. I've tried a few really red-toned eyeshadow looks for a few nights out, and I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to try it out again soon. I'd love the opportunity to add a couple more palettes to my eyeshadow palette collection.

If you hadn't guessed already, I'm a big Kylie Cosmetics fan, despite any bad publicity. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I'd thoroughly recommend giving her line a go if you see something you fancy. In fact, while I'm writing this, I'm currently sat weighing up how badly I want something from the Kylie Birthday Collection! Do I? Don't I? I guess time will tell...

The lip kits retail for $29.00 each.
The gloss retails for $15.00.
The eyeshadow palette retails for $42.00.

Love Lexie

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