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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Autumn Book Haul

It's no secret that I have a slight book buying problem. I love a good trip to a bookstore and wandering around browsing all the different titles. Recently, I've tripped and fallen into Waterstones and spent a bookish morning with my blogging gal pals in Winchester, so it's no surprise that I may have bought a book... or five!

As part of our bookshop tour in Winchester, the girls and I stumbled into P & G Wells, an adorable bookstore, filled to the brim with titles that I haven't seen in my local bookshops yet. Somehow, I ended up being the last one to leave the store, meaning I may have gone slightly crazy with the book buying.

First up, I picked out The Sisters of the Winter Wood by Rena Rossner. I first saw this on Ashleigh's YouTube channel, A Frolic Through Fiction, and loved the look of the cover and the sound of the story. Unfortunately, Ashleigh didn't love this one but I still thought I'd give it a go. The story follows two sisters who are left home alone in the woods when their parents go to visit their sick grandfather. Once their parents leave, a band of unknown men enter the village and one of the two sisters ends up under a spell. They find out that their heritage could hold secrets that could be their salvation and that all the fairy tales they grew up loving are true. Now this isn't something I would typically pick up on my own in a bookshop, but I am trying to expand my reading taste. There is a romance that plays quite a large role in this book, which Ashleigh isn't a huge fan of, but I think this could make it a good book choice for me. Time will tell.

The second book I saw was another title I first saw on Ashleigh's channel - can you tell I'm totally fan-girling over her channel and blog at the moment? The Hand, The Eye and The Heart by Zoe Marriott is influenced by the story of Mulan, with Zhilan taking the place of her father to train and fight as part of the civil war. I love the story of Mulan, and having an opportunity to read something similar really excites me. I know some people have negative opinions on the book and the author, but I think I'm willing to give it a go, albeit taking things with a pinch of salt. I think it could be a perfect piece of escapism for me from the day-to-day - which is all I'm looking for from a book to be honest.

The third and final book I picked up in P & G Wells was Frankly in Love by David Yoon. I really enjoyed Everything, Everything by David's wife Nicola Yoon, and when I saw that he had released a contemporary romance of his own, I was intrigued. This tells the story of Frank Li, a Korean-American who's parents only want him to date Korean girls. However, Frank has fallen for white Brit Means - uh oh! So he makes a pact with fellow Korean-American Joy Song, to fake date in an attempt to fool their parents and claim back their freedom. In true contemporary style, though, things don't quite go to plan. I cannot wait to see how things unfold!

I also made a trip to Waterstones this month, as I do most months, and picked up two titles. The first was Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield, which I have heard so many good things about. This tells the story of an extraordinary event that occurs at an ancient inn on the river Thames. An injured stranger bursts in, carrying the lifeless body of a young girl - who hours later returns to life. Is this some sort of miracle? Three families come forward to claim the girl, each family with their own mysteries, and many secrets must be revealed before we learn the girl's true identity. To me, this sounds really interesting, although very different to anything I have ever read before. But, it was book of the month, so who was I to resist a good book, with a coupon for a hot drink too.

And the final book I've picked up recently is The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. Another book I found by watching Ashleigh at A Frolic Through Fiction. This draws on Greek mythology, but gives a voice to the women of the traditional tales. Typically, the men are the focus of Greek mythology, with the female characters being quiet. Having an opportunity to read from the female perspective is something I find really interesting, and seems to be popping up more frequently in books at the moment, and I'm loving it. I cannot wait to dive into the stories of the Ancient Greek women and hearing what they have to say.

So, that's it, my Autumn book haul. Have you read any of these? Which do you think I should reach for first?

Love Lexie

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