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Sunday, 27 December 2020

5 Books to Read in 2021

2020 saw me hit an all-time high with my reading goal, and reaching for books outside of my typical reading comfort zone - for reasons which we all are totally aware of. With 2021 just around the corner, and not looking too different to this year, I want to put together a few books that I would love to read in the coming months.
Set in 1920s New York, this fantastical mystery has been on my radar for years. I was really lucky to be gifted this by the lovely Rebecca - check out her YouTube channel here - and I've been so tempted by this on numerous occasions, but I've never quite felt brave enough. It's quite chunky, which doesn't always go well when I'm working. It follows Evie, who goes to live with her eccentric Uncle Will, while hiding her supernatural power. But when the police find a murdered young girl, Evie jumps headfirst into trying to use her gift to help solve the mystery.

This year, I read and loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz. It was a hard-hitting read that I devoured in just over a day. So when I saw there was a spin off story, focusing on the character of Cilka, I knew I would want to give it a read too. Cilka is a young woman who we meet in Auschwitz in the first book. She manages to survive her time in the concentration camp, in part due to her good looks which attract the eye of the Nazis. However, when she the camp is liberated by the Soviet soldiers, Cilka finds herself imprisoned once again, this time on charges of supporting the Nazis who had them imprisoned in the first place. We then follow her as she struggles to survive a stint at another prison camp. I can already tell that this will be another emotional read, which I'm sure I will really love reading.

This sounds like a game of Cluedo in a book - and who doesn't love Cluedo? We have an elaborate party, thrown at a stately home, and a murder. We then follow Aiden Bishop, as he wakes up every day in a different body, to relive the day of the murder to try and solve the mystery. This sounds like a great mystery to get my head around, with a fantastical element thrown in. I've seen a lot of people love this, so can't wait to see what I think.

Like many others, I braved watching the film when it became a Netflix sensation. I was admittedly pretty freaked out by the film, and the thought of something making you go crazy just by looking at it, so put off reading the book. However, I feel like I've recovered enough from the ordeal to put myself through it all over again. I know that it'll probably get my imagination working, so might need a different read for bedtimes.

I loved The Chalk Man by the same author, and have wanted to read more from them - it was such a good mystery/thriller. The Other People focuses on a man and his hunt for a missing daughter. He then spends years searching the motorways to try and find her. We also meet Fran and her daughter Alice, who are running away from something - and Fran knows what has happened to Gabe's daughter all those years before. This sounds like another great thriller full of twists and turns that I can't wait to get my teeth sunk into.

These are just a few books on my current TBR list that I would like to finally get to. My bookshelves are really well stocked with amazing titles, and I'd just love to have another successful reading year, hopefully including these titles.

What books are you hoping to get to next year? I'd love to know!

Love Lexie,

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