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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Best Middlegrade Books of 2020

As well as a great selection of adult novels, I read more middle grade novels this year. As a primary school teacher, I love reading children's novels to, hopefully, recommend titles to my students to help promote a love of reading. I've read some fabulous ones this year, but I have picked my three absolute favourites to share with you.

This is the first book in a series, following the Widdershin sisters. Middle sister Betty wants nothing more than a bit of adventure, but her grandmother warns her of dangers if she dares to leave their village, because of a curse that has haunted their family for generations. Instead of adventure, the three sisters are given a set of magical objects, which the girls must use to break the family curse. Cue adventure and sisterly bonds and time travel!! What more could you want? I loved this, and cannot wait to continue the series in 2021!

This is my second read from Sophie Anderson and I have loved both of them. Anderson bases her novels on Russian folktale, which I find really interesting, and not something you see commonly. The Castle of Tangled Magic is a portal fantasy about Olia, who lives with her parents in their rundown castle, full of hidden turrets and secret doorways. When magic threatens her home, Olia has to step through a doorway into a magical land. The land she arrives in is under threat by a magician, so Olia must work with the crew of friends she finds along the way to save her home and this land of tangled magic.

This was one of the middlegrade novels I picked up as part of Believathon. I read the first book last year and couldn't wait to pick up the sequel. We follow Ash, a Song Weaver, as he sets out on a mission to find his place in the world, as well as the parents who went missing when he was a baby. However, in his world, Song Weavers are persecuted for their ability to sing, as it is believed that they are controlled by the vicious beasts that live in the snow. As part of his mission, he joins the crew of the sleigh, Frostheart. Book two was just as action packed as the first novel, and ended on such a cliffhanger - I need book three as soon as possible!

These were my three top middle grade reads for 2020. Do you read any middle grade? I'd love some recommendations for 2021!

Love Lexie

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